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A committment to discretion

In the interest of confidentiality, ethics and rigor, the employees of LDB Counseling comply with the highest standards of professional secrecy and confidentiality in each of their investigations, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force and with the need to safeguard individual liberties.


LITIGATION SUPPORT Gathering evidence to support a proactive approach, or countering any accusations made by the other party if a defensive stance is taken, are the challenges the company faces when engaged in litigation. LDB Counseling supports its clients in that respect with the aim of best defending their interests.


LDB Counseling: more than 10 years of field experience

The LDB Counseling teams, whose experience in classic litigation techniques and "digital " investigations has been time-tested, use a synthesis of field expertise, analytical skills, adapted tools and a network of partners and "knowedgeable" people in order to "gather knowledge " and evidence.

A strategy based on advice and cooperation

Team Work

Team Work The implementation of a coherent strategy in order to maximize the chances of success before a jury is based on close collaboration between the investigator, his client and his advisors. The action of LDB Counseling, integrated in the strategy validated by the client, represents an important asset towards maximizing the chances of success of trademark infringement litigation or facilitating the intervention of experts and/or bailiffs.


A proactive and / or defensive stance

A proactive and / or defensive stance In the context of litigation support, a particular company would seek to have at its disposal any element that would allow it to counter evidence or to initiate litigation on the strongest grounds possible with a view to preserving corporate assets and/or image. The data collected by our employees allow our clients to enrich the arguments they present to the court, and thus maximize the chances of obtaining compensation and / or condemnation of the opposing parties (damages, seizures, financial penalties...).