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Security audits As an integral part of a policy to protect the company's sensitive assets and information, safety audits help to identify the vulnerability of the company clients to malicious acts. To meet these needs, LDB Counseling is keen on making its experts available on site for its clients with a view to taking on board the threats identified before any decision is made (acceptance, prevention...).


Corporate security: guard against external threats

Corporate security: guard against external threats The corporate safety audit is part of ongoing accompaniment. It is a two-stage process:
  • An analysis of the risks to which the company is exposed;
  • An on-site analysis to make an inventory of the resources involved, to assess their effectiveness and to identify new vulnerabilities where appropriate.

At the end of this Audit phase, a complete report summarizing the information mentioned above as well as operational and prioritized recommendations is handed over to the client.
LDB Counseling will be keen to present its clients with accurate, factual and objective reports, in order to facilitate the making of quick and efficient decisions, which helps to put in place appropriate countermeasures with a controlled budget.

Safety audit: a multi-factor analysis

In the context of these audits, the following factors will be taken into account:
Safety audit: a multi-factor analysis
  • Internal: Vulnerability in the procedures and tools in place (CCTV, use of access control, securing of sensitive information...), taking into account the impact of the human factor (management of flows within the company, the policies put in place...) ;
  • External: The environment of the company, how sensitive its field of activity is, or the geographical location of its facilities.