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The reputation survey by elicitation

 Le facteur humain comme source d'information  Because Open Source is not the optimum response to all requests and because the internet is not enough to answer all the questions of the clients, the use of " human " intelligence is sometimes essential. Whether to check the integrity of future partners or the credentials of a future manager or to assess the reputation of potential investors, the Reputation Survey by Elicitation allows approved LDB Counseling teams to legally collect information with high added value.


The human factor as a source of information

In addition to a more traditional diligence report, which allows for cross-checking with databases and sources of information, this type of approach allows the client to have relevant field data, collected within the environment of the subject.

Elicitation: A means to support decision making

Elicitation: A means to support decision making Used in the context of investigation of illegal practices (unfair competition, trademark infringement...), solvency investigations, or search for debtors, elicitation also allows the client to have a maximum level of knowledge, thus facilitating decision making before embarking on any type of collaboration.


Customer case study

Customer case study A company operating in a sensitive and highly competitive sector, wants to check the integrity and good repute of two future partners identified in a country "at risk". After having studied the environment of the targets and the track record of its key actors - through a Due Diligence report - discreet interviews were conducted in the entourage of the main managers (former employees, partners, etc.). The report pointed out serious doubts about the networks and the good faith of one of the two actors which allowed the client to confirm his choice of partner, and to continue the negotiations confidently.