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Pre-litigation investigation is part of a strategy to prevent and manage business risks. LDB Counseling provides capacities to collect, analyze and verify information, allowing the company to limit the economic and reputational impacts in relation to a potential lawsuit.


Towards better financial risk management

Towards better financial risk management Be they solvency investigations, preparing a litigation case for trademark infringement, or detecting weak signals of interference or internal fraud in the company, LDB Counseling provides its clients with information collection tools and know-how in the areas of analysis and investigation, thus enabling them to best defend their interests in a timely manner.


Collecting comprehensive information

Collecting comprehensive information The many scenarios that we work on include pre-litigation in the case of clients, providers, shareholders or employees. The common need in all these cases is to obtain any information that is necessary to identify and understand a potential loophole in the other party with a view to potential legal action (business environment, reputation, labor-relations or fiscal context...).


LDB Counseling ASSETS

Suitable tools

Suitable tools The screening of data from open sources and public and private databases, as well as from trustworthy human sources ("knowledgeable" persons or experts) in France or abroad and field experience are all key assets in the collection of critical information (administrative investigations, search for debtors, solvency investigations, asset