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Open Source Information / Databases

An overall approach To increase the level of knowledge of its clients on a given issue, LDB Counseling puts its resources at their disposal to offer a first level of intelligence based on the collection of open source information (hidden, invisible or deep web). Its time-tested methodology will save its clients time by benefiting from a clear, neutral and objective vision and will guide them to set up more specific investigations later on.
Whatever the issue at hand (due diligence for a new collaboration (Sapin 2 law), litigation issues, recovery or insurance fraud), this approach offers the client a first level of information. This knowledge base will then be subject to targeted cross-checking thanks to the mobilization of field resources (surveillance, elicitation..)

An overall approach

This research, based on screening the "surface" and "deep" web, as well as specialized databases adapted to the geographical areas concerned, will be part of a global approach to collecting information.

Customer case study

Customer case study A company of over 700 employees wishes to have tangible information to assess the reputation of a future Lebanese partner.
In order to assess the risks associated with entering into business with this partner, particularly in terms of image, LDB has implemented a reputation due diligence approach, based on an in-depth collection of information from open sources and specialized sites that have been processed and analyzed.
The information provided to the client, presented in a detailed report containing a map of the main partners and stakeholders of the target, allowed the client to take cognizance of several "red flags" leaving serious doubts about the ethics of several members of the Management Board. In view of these deliverables, the negotiations were suspended.