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Information mapping

Because the information collected, even if it is key information, is wortheless without valuation, LDB Counseling uses mapping as an analytical tool. This visual tool allows the customer to have efficient strategic information and facilitates the use of this information for dissemination and / or action purposes.

The collection of information in the context of investigations

The collection of information in the context of investigations In a specific investigation - trademark infringement in particular - following up on key information and sharing them with the client is an important issue. The mapping tool, calibrated according to the specifications of the client and the data defined as key by the latter, proves to be an effective tool for rapid and analytical reading.  

Mapping as a risk prevention tool

Being a key element of the legal framework laid down by the Sapin 2 law, risk mapping is also one of the tools deployed by LDB Counseling for the benefit of its clients, particularly in the context of information risk management, E-reputation, or the protection and dissemination of the client's sensitive information. The fields covered by this methodology are numerous and offer an accurate and comprehensive reading of the potential risks.

Customer case study

Customer case study The customer, victim of several acts of trademark infringement on its European markets (physical and online), wants to have a clear vision of the modus operandi and the stakeholders in Europe and worldwide. After a preliminary study of the context and of the markets and stakeholders, LDB Counseling was able to proceed to the collection of samples, hence making possible the study of the exchanges with resellers (identifying the retailers, wholesalers and warehouses).
The information, compiled over several months and consolidated in a map, allowed the client to identify the infringing entities and their addresses as well as the offending individuals.