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DUE DILIGENCE BACKGROUND CHECK In the context of a process of merger, acquisition, entering into a business relationship or complying with legal obligations (Sapin II law, etc.), it is essential for a company to remain vigilant and to ensure that it has thorough knowledge of the other party (image, reputation, ongoing or past litigation...), to limit its exposure to risks.
The expertise of LDB Counseling, the adaptability of its tools and the strength of its network enable it to respond in a rigorous manner to the expectations of its clients. In summary, the implementation of a due diligence process enables these clients to have the necessary information for optimal decision-making.


Assess the financial health of a business, and beyond

Assess the financial health of a business, and beyond 
In the case of a merger, due diligence serves as a safeguard: this " pre-transaction study " aims to provide a complete and objective view of the company, its outlook and its competitive environment. In the context of their research, the LDB Counseling teams collect and analyze any information that can identify the potential risks inherent in a potential transaction with the targeted company.


A legal obligation

Since the entry into force of the Sapin 2 law on June 1, 2017, companies with more than 500 employees and whose turnover exceeds € 100 million, are required to ensure full knowledge of the financial, legal and tax situation of the company's clients, service providers and business partners.

Risk assessment tools

Risk assessment tools The Sapin 2 law, which is one element in the fight against corruption and for greater economic transparency, requires the adoption of very strict verification processes that are regularly updated. LDB Counselingsupports the implementation of these assessment tools, their monitoring and their continuous improvement. Each and every case, evaluated during a feasibility phase, will be offered a unique and tailor-made solution, adapted to the client's needs, its sector of activity and its geographical location