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Administrative investigations

Beyond the tools used to collect first-level information (Open Source), a cross-checking of data from official sources may be necessary. The administrative investigation will legally collect official and public information relating to a person or an entity: solvency, real property, etc.

Collection of administrative information: a major challenge

Collection of administrative information: a major challenge Regularly used in cases of litigation, the administrative investigation has proven to be a key tool. By querying public databases, and by using the various administrative bodies (town halls, Public Finance Departments, Territorial Management Departments...), LDB Counseling can collect information that can help locate a target, get updated information about his assets, or his tax situation. Possible consequences in the field may then be envisaged or, on the contrary, costly and time-consuming litigation may be avoided.

Responsiveness and information processing

Responsiveness and information processing Whether the information sought concerns the other party's assets or solvency, the collection of official information from the relevant French and foreign administrations thanks to LDB Counseling's trusted relays, allows us to answer our clients' questions with discretion and responsiveness.


Customer case study

Customer case study An SME that is weakened by a bad payer who alleges to have gone bankrupt, wants to assess the likelihood of being reimbursed. The administrative investigation conducted by the LDB Counseling teams has made it possible - in view of the elements collected during a preliminary Due Diligence phase - to highlight the debtor's financial situation as well as significant real estate income, and allowed the client to collect the amounts payable.